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Executive Sushi Chef/Owner John Jung and his wife Young Jung are the heart of Ariake’s innovative culinary and elevated design visions.  As the driving forces behind Haruno, Kai, and Karai, John and Young have played a significant role in transforming the dining landscape of Springfield Missouri. Ariake, opened in June 2023, is their crowning jewel representing 25 years of hard work, expertise, and achievement of a dream fulfilled.


Executive Sushi Chef/Owner

John combines his wealth of expertise, keen eye for detail, and an innate understanding of flavor harmony, to transform the finest ingredients into delectable works of art.  Young’s artistic flair in creating beautiful spaces, evident in all of their restaurants where every nuance is intentional, invites you to lose yourself in an atmosphere designed to enhance your dining experience.


Here at Ariake, John and Young have curated more than just a menu. They have crafted an immersive dining journey where every detail, from the ambiance to the presentation of each dish, bears their signature touch and commitment to providing an experience that goes beyond the expected. 


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